I don't agree with you, I will share some counterpoints.

It's not that people look for satisfaction outside themselves. We as society play games, it's one of principles that drives human behaviour - playing with each other. Things that we consume, that are not essential to our survival, are the toys that we buy because we get convinced by marketing camapigns that it will improve our game experience, that's it. Without marketing campaigns people wouldn't even know what to do with all that stuff. You might ask yourself if every consumer is capable of seeing the big picture of human activities, or it's only few that see potential of what we do as a species today and drive it in a certain direction. The fact that you as a consumer can’t asses the direction doesn’t mean it’s a wrong one. Maybe Greta, that you referred to, is far too young to grasp that for instance. I don't think it's fair that grownups are using her like this, it's a form of serious child abuse. She is a smart kid, but she is just a kid. What is happening with her case is she is a human sacrifice that is suppose to shock the world, think about that.

I agree thought that we don't need toys to play, we can just alter games to involve more human. But.

You might make a case that every consumer is contributing to technological progress, as they are sponsoring advance of technology. We really don't need all that electronics, newer TVs etc. but at the same time, if we buy it, we do allow the producer to invest in more advanced ideas. While we can complain that things get broken too soon, that the quality is inadequate, I would say yes, but it does reduce the iteration span of a generation of the specific technology and we get more robust progress. The same technological progress that at this moment seem to overwhelm us and the plant, is the same force that might make things right. We can say that we should be more dependent on renewables - maybe it's true, but if it is, the companies that will provide the technology and infrastracture are the same companies that are under attack.

The same technological progress that is being under attack is the same one that allows you to fix your bones in a hospital.

Popular movements usually can't see bigger picture, they represent their one-sided vision, which is good, there always has to be a counter-force that adjusts the overall direction of the progress, but it doesn't mean that just because the movements claim that the truth is on their side and declare moral superiority, that other people are wrong by default. We just have different view points.

I agree with you that the devil is in the details and the best we can aim at is net-zero solutions, sometimes, if we are lucky we get net-positive, but if you don't see a bigger picture or have only subset of indicators - how can you tell that your side has the right answers? You can't, no one can.

Last thing about that credo - do no harm - it sounds very noble, but it's impossible in practice, the best you can do is aspire to it. Why, I will tell you, because one the defining features of the Universe and everything in it is growth, growth has a direction, things take shapes and forms, things use space physically. Once the space is occupied it has to be released first before it can be taken by other growing form, not everything can be peacefully negotiated or shared, as not all the growing forms can meaningfuly communicate. This is not a human condition, it's a condition of our reality. Changes have direction. When supernova explodes it doesn't care about life in neighbour solar systems. Capitalism is a form of growth organisation, replace it with something else and you will have different issues related to expansion, you will just grow in different dimensions. If you replace it with a system that is detrimental, the society will collapse and something else will grow on its carcass.

Everything has dimentions and shades, you can pretend that you are acting out net-zero, but it's just an illusion.

The only regulation that I would push forward regarding our technologies is that the materials and substances that our species produces should be compostable. If you achieve that — wow, everything else would balance itself.

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